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Hanks Helping Hand LLC is a family owned business started by Pamela Hankins and her son Jevon Hankins in January of 2016. As a mother Pamela instilled in her children Jayla and Jevon that there will be times in life that you will need a "helping hand", but never look for a hand out. Out of the payforward spirit Hanks Helping Hand LLC was found.
Hanks Helping Hand LLC mission statement is truly a reflection of principle  that The Hankins live by, which "we are the extra hand"  that someone may need. The Hankins believe that the Commerical and Residential Cleaning Business can truly be a ""helping hand" to those looking for a source of income as well to those who are looking for services..
Jevon Hankins, is the company's CEO.  He  believes that Hanks Helping Hand LLC provides cleaning services that are above the rest.   Jevon,  Pamela his mother and company President, and Jayla his sister who handles the adminstrative duties have built a company that has become a legacy  in the Hankins Family that will be passed on from generation to generation.
With cleaning in Jevon's blood and Pamela's business savviness as well as their desire to payforward, The Hankins hope they can provide Commerical and Reidential Customers "that extra hand" they may need.